Calgary Run for Water

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Calgary Run for Water is a non-profit organization that raises money for clean water projects in Ethiopia. The average person in North America is only 5 seconds away from clean water...the average person in Ethiopia is a 5 hour walk away from water. This shouldn't be. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. Money raised by donating and fundraising goes to providing clean water, which means that Ethiopian families no longer have to go on daily journeys just to access contaminated water. With access to safe, clean drinking water, kids in the village can go to school, mothers can start businesses, fathers can water their crops, and lives are no longer lost to waterborne diseases. To date, the Calgary Run for Water has raised more than $450,000, bringing clean water to more than 11,000 people in Ethiopia. Imagine if we ALL fundraised or donated? Think about the profound impact we can make. THIS YEAR DON’T JUST RUN, RAISE! Thank you so much/ Betam Enamesegnalen! Calgary Run for Water Team

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